Spring Grove Mutual Insurance


Laura Shell
1105 W. 2nd Ave
Brodhead, WI 53520

Spring Grove Mutual started in Brodhead, WI in 1875 and has been serving our local community for over 143 years! Historically, Spring Grove insured many of the area farms but has expanded its coverage to include non-farm policies, as well. Many families have been with Spring Grove for generations and board members have often participated for decades. Town mutual provide insurance to members in their communities. Their "corporate" office is locally controlled and operated and they are committed to their neighbors and communities where their home office is located. The people who oversee the operations of Spring Grove Mutual are local business owners, farmers, and property owners. They all have one thing in common – they are all policyholders of their local town mutual insurance company. By becoming a policyholder of Spring Grove Mutual, you are supporting your local economy. Spring Grove invests money in local banks, purchases goods and services from local businesses and employ people in our community. By having the head office of Spring Grove Mutual in your community, this allows Spring Grove to better meet the needs of its community by offering products and services best suited to your area. In addition, this often means faster payments of claims for policyholders.

Spring Grove Mutual is not in the business for profit. The "profits" gained are used to offer lower rates to the policyholders. We've been "Neighbors Insuring Neighbors" for part of two centuries. We are looking forward to serving the community for many more years to come!