Downtown Revitalization

The Revitalization Committee was founded around 1987, to give new life, vitality and vigor to the downtown area. This included flower baskets, barrels, trees, bushes, bicycle racks, receptacles, flags and Tinkers Garden. The committee monitors the downtown area to make it eye appealing and desirable to visit.

Floral Hanging Baskets & Barrels

It is inviting to see fresh flowers growing in hanging baskets and barrels. Every year we have Ahrens Acres plant flowers in our 28 hanging baskets and 50 barrels throughout the downtown area. The City of Brodhead waters them daily to insure a long growing season. By fall they are full and flowing with flowers.

After Autumnfest, the flowers are removed to get them ready for the winter decorations. Ahrens Acres knows when to insert the evergreen branches and bows just before it freezes.

Christmas Decorations

We decorate First Center Avenue with lighted wreaths of bells and tri-candles. This year we replaced all of the bulbs with new led bulbs to brighten the look. What a difference a bulb makes! They will glow for many years to come.

Our 50 barrels are decorated with evergreen branches and bright bows. The downtown street lights add to the atmosphere of the Christmas season.

Smoking Rreceptacles & Bike Racks

The downtown area is kept clean and orderly with the addition of 9 smoking receptacles. They are dark in color, all steel construction, wind tolerable and heavy in weight.

Along with these, we have trash receptacles, and 9 bicycle racks located around the downtown area.

Tinkers Garden

Tinkers Garden is nestled on Exchange Street. You have to walk into the gazebo to enjoy the view of the beautiful garden. It is planted with eye appealing bushes and flowers and mulched to hold the moisture. The curved brick wall in front of the garden is striking to look at. Enjoy the peaceful beauty of Tinkers Garden.


To beautify and enrich the look of the downtown area, 27 trees were added along First Center Avenue and Exchange St. The trees have a yearly check-up to make sure they have no diseases, they are trimmed when needed and fertilized to keep them healthy. Although maintaining the trees can be a challenge, the most important thing is finding the right tree to plant that accents the buildings. We decorate the trees with Christmas lights to send a warm glow to everyone during the season.

For 2014 we replaced 12 damaged and dying trees with beautiful white lilac trees. They are a straight, slow growing tree which will enhance the downtown area.

In 2015 we replace the rest of the damaged and dying trees. In the spring, you will see the warm glow of white welcoming flowers down First Center Avenue.

Twilight in the Park

Twilight in the Park is sponsored by the BID Board & Revitalization Committee. The concerts start in mid June and go for 9 weeks. They are held at the Veterans Memorial Park, which is located on the corner of Hwy 11 and 12th Street. 6:30pm-8:00pm. There is no charge to come and listen to the music. In case of inclement weather, the park will be posted with the directions of where to go to attend the concert indoors.

Welcome Signs

The Brodhead Welcome signs have been a long ongoing project. We have a set of Welcome to Brodhead and Community Groups on each end of town. We wanted to give the Welcome signs a facelift that would require little maintenance, if any at all. The information on the signs is changed at least once a month, according to the event schedule.

Then we upgraded the Community Groups sign to have a similar look, to coordinate the two signs together. The Welcome signs and the Community Group signs were both done by a local business, Brodhead Sign Company. The landscaping around the signs had seen better days and needed sprucing up. We used Aaron Schneider of Schneider Landscaping, another local business, to build a block wall that is capped around the signs. It gives an inviting and eye appealing look as you come into town.