ED Committee

Brodhead Economic Development Committee is working to improve the economic well-being and quality of life for the Greater Brodhead Community.

The Brodhead Economic Development Committee devotes it’s time to encouraging businesses to consider Brodhead as their new home. Whether it would be a new business in the Business Park or an expansion of a key employer, the Committee does all it can to provide these businesses with the information they need about the Community to make a decision that’s right for them and the Greater Brodhead Community. We will make sure that they have all the guidance they need from our committee and other City committees from the beginning to the end of this process.

Specifically, the purpose of the Brodhead Economic Development Committee is:
  • Attract new businesses to the City or surrounding area by establishing first contact with potential business startups, entrepreneurs, and expanding businesses. After initial contact the committee will provide early stage professional assistance to companies interested in locating in our area.
  • Work with existing businesses and local business organizations in the City and surrounding areas to help in their growth and expansion through funding technical, advisory, and infrastructure programs available to Brodhead.
  • Cooperate with economic development agencies and organizations to improve the economic development efforts in the Brodhead area.
  • Pursue grants, agency funding and contributions that benefit the Greater Brodhead Community.
  • Promote enhancements that improve the Greater Brodhead Community.
  • Work with the City Council, other economic development partners and staff to create economic opportunities in the Greater Brodhead Community.
  • Communicate the importance and benefits of development in all businesses outside governmental sectors and citizens of the Greater Brodhead Community.
  • Promote the Greater Brodhead Community on a regional, statewide, and national level to prospective businesses.
Economic Development Committee Members
Doug Pinnow

Mayor-City of Brodhead

Barb Krattiger

Realtor - Albertson Realty and Auction

John Bernstein

Citizen Representative / GCDC Representative

Jeff Peterson

Superintendent-Water & Light Department

John Bernstein

Citizen Representative / GCDC Representative

Rich Vogel

Superintendent-Public Works Department

Ann Anderson

Alderperson-City of Brodhead / Chair

Cara Carper

Green County Development Corporation, Executive Director