Wildflower Art Festival


Sat, Aug 10th, 2019
9:00 am - 4:00 pm

The Wildflower Art Festival, sponsored by the Brodhead Chamber of Commerce in conjunction with its annual Covered Bridge Days celebration, is held annually on the second Saturday of August. It is a high-quality, juried art show that has drawn high praise from artists and the public alike.

Organized by artists who have been on the art show circuit for many years, the first priority was to provide a venue that would include everything that artists hope for, including a level, grassy, shady location, optional Friday set-up, large (14x14) booth spaces, help with unloading and transporting their goods, cash awards, and purchase awards, to name a few.

The community has been very supportive of the Wildflower Art Festival, and the thousands of people who come to town for Covered Bridge Days are excited to have this show taking place on that weekend. The customers who attend for the first time express appreciation for the high quality of the art that is displayed. Return attendees enjoy the variety of items offered as well as seeing many familiar artists along with a large number of new, first-time exhibitors.

Extensive advertising, including newspaper, WAF Awardradio, posters, and banners in the park as well as at each end of town brings more and more people to the show each year as it establishes a reputation as a premier art show. We hope to see you there!

Educational Activities

The Wildflower Festival was added to Covered Bridge Days in 2011 to raise awareness and promote enjoyment of the many native plantings that have been installed around Brodhead in the past several years. Planting native species is very important to the environment not only for the beauty they provide, but also for their value in preventing rainwater run-off and attracting beneficial insects such as bees and butterflies.

Various activities have taken place during this Festival, including interactive tours of native plantings around the Brodhead schools, the Brodhead Public Library, and the UCC church. Visits to the pond at the library, feeding the spiders, scavenger hunts, and other fun activities for all ages have been presented.

Visit the Cardinal Flower Native Prairie All Season Long

At any time, any day, you can take a relaxing walk through the Cardinal Flower native prairie at the Congregational UCC, E201 23rd Street. Trails through ten acres of native Wisconsin prairie, restored by Applied Ecological Services of Brodhead, await your arrival. The perimeter trail is about one-third of a mile, and peak of color is between mid-June and early August. Visitors may park in the church lot and walk north past the memorial bell to the beginning of the trail. There is no fee.

Artist Application

Download our Artist Application and return the completed form and requested materials to:

Michele Benesh
c/o WF Art Show
W449 Spruce Dr.
Brodhead, WI 53520

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