Redevelopment Opportunities (TIF)

The City of Brodhead actively uses Tax Increment Financing to support development and redevelopment. Several Tax Increment Districts (TID) have been formed. The project plans for the most recent TIDs follow:

TID #4/Redevelopment Area #2

Underutilized, deteriorated, and vacant parcels and improvements characterize the area. Within the boundary there is an abandoned and possibly contaminated factory, an abandoned warehouse building, and a now vacant former school building. This is an excellent opportunity for Brownfield redevelopment. An RFP document outlining this development opportunity has been prepared.

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TID #5/Redevelopment Area #3

Underutilized, deteriorated, and undervalued parcels and improvements characterize much of the area. Investment has been rare in this section of downtown. The costs to rehabilitate these historic structures are often above the replacement values. The City and CDA intend to use the tools and powers authorized by State statues to promote the redevelopment of this area and prevent further deterioration.

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For more information about these and other development opportunties, contact us, or the Green County Development Corporation at